Bar Mitzvah Club

Students will celebrate the deeper meaning of becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Our goal is to prepare your child for the auspicious day of his Bar Mitzvah. More than just Bar Mitzvah lessons, "Bar Mitzvah Club" will address the specific needs of this age. Meaningful discussions, exciting activities & advanced learning will give your pre-teen the tools to take their Jewish learning into young adulthood.

In addition, private tutoring Bar Mitzvah lessons will be provided to each Bar Mitzvah boy tailored to his specific needs and Torah portion review.

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Celebrations Matter!

Our aim is to ensure your son will always look back on his Bar Mitzvah as a highlight of his life, while also forever inspiring him to remain connected to his Jewish roots.

We understand the joy of an event that spotlights this wonderful moment in your child’s life. We also know that Bar Mitzvah – and the special time leading up to it – can greatly strengthen your son’s pride about being a Jew. The learning and connections that take place in preparing for Bar Mitzvah offer your son a precious opportunity to build his relationships with everyone in his support network, and most importantly, with G‑d. And that is definitely worth celebrating!

Enhance & Customize Your Bar Mitzvah Prep

We also offer one-on-one training for the Bar Mitzvah service. A schedule will be created that works for your family, usually meeting once a week.

This includes:

  • Individual instruction on the Hebrew reading of the Torah/Haftarah portion
  • Preparation for the Torah Aliyah
  • Preparation of any prayers connected with the ceremony

We offer numerous options for the Bar Mitzvah, ranging from a traditional community Shabbos service to a private Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Each service can also accommodate different levels of participation by the Bar Mitzvah boy to ensure it will be a beautiful experience for all.

Some options are:

  • A traditional Shabbat Service
  • A weekday or Rosh Chodesh Service
  • A private Ceremony Event

Does your son need to learn how to read Hebrew? We’ve got you covered! We will provide your son with one-on-one Hebrew tutoring, and he will become an expert Hebrew reader.

We can assist your son in writing a meaningful speech to deliver at his Bar Mitzvah. Our support can be customized based on your needs. We will ensure that your son’s speech reflects his authentic voice and is relatable to your family and friends who will be listening.